"There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer and the morning more fragrant than ever again"

-Elizabeth Lawrence

Blazing Star Herbal School Programs for Kids

Apprenticeship for preschoolers -   ages 3-6

Begins Monday March 20th - 8 classes 11am - 4pm
march 20th ~ april 17~ may 1st ~ june 19 ~ july 31 ~ sept 18 ~ oct 30th ~ nov 6th

$250, plus $30 materials fee
Lunch and snacks will be provided. Parents are welcome to stay and participate.

We will celebrate the offerings of every season through art, crafts, literature, nature study and movement. We will create seasonal ceremonies.

Ceremony is a way of communicating with our deepest selves, the Great Spirit, Mother Earth, and all who came before. It is a way of saying thank you, a way of showing respect for the changing seasons, respect for the moon cycles, respect for all life and all beings. Ceremony is a way of acknowledging the sacredness of all that is.

The program will take place 1 full day per month. Please email or call for more information. Space limited.


These publications are written for the 7-10 year old in mind, but can easily be adapted for older and younger children. They can be used as a part of a home-schooler's program or a summer education program. They are a nature based curriculum emphasizing imaginative play, art and creative activities, music, storytelling, authentic handwork, cooking, and honoring the rhythms of the seasons and of life.

An Herbal Summer: Exploring the World of Herbs with Young Children - A Summer's Curriculum, 101 pages, illustrated.




View An Herbal Summer Index and Sample Page here! pdf file



Fun with Fall Fruit and Foods: Exploring the World of Food Plants with Young Children - A Fall Curriculum




View Fun with Fall Fruit and Foods Index and Sample Page here! pdf file




Exploring Nature with your child is largely a matter of becoming receptive to what lies around you. It is learning again to use your eyes, ears, nostrils and finger tips, opening up to the disused channels of sensory expression."

- Rachel Carson, A Sense of Wonder


The Little Plant Finger Plays by Kate Louise Brown

In the heart of a seed buried deep so deep, Begin by couching
A dear litte plant lay fast asleep. Make sleeping gesture with palms together
"Wake" said the Sunshine, "and creep to the light!" Open eyes, look surprised
"Wake!" Said the voice of the raindrops bright. Put hand to ear
And the little plant heard and rose to see, Rise slowly- stretch arms upward
What the wonderful outside world might be. Stand on tiptoes, turn in place

A correspondence course in "Herbal Medicine for Children and Babies" written by Tony(a) Lemos is offered through the International College of Herbal Medicine

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