Past Year's Programs

Herbal  Journey to the United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary
in Meigs County, OHIO


Joining us in Ohio, Rebecca Wood will be our guide for this unique herbal adventure. From Hopewood Farm in Meigs County, Ohio we will visit the United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary - a beautiful, natural ecosystem where native medicinal plants grow in abundance and full glory. As you hike the hills and hollows of the sanctuary it is easy to forget that we are facing a worldwide botanical crisis. Thriving stands of Ginseng, Trillium, Wild Ginger, Blue Cohosh and Goldenseal are interwoven into the moist woodland carpet with an abundance of medicinal and edible mushrooms. The trip will be a hands on experiential journey including daily hiking, yoga, with classes in botany, plant propagation, and organic gardening, as well as several farm tours.

Are you concerned about the rate at which we are losing many of our native woodland species due to over harvesting and over development?

Certain plants, including many of our native medicinals, are threatened with extinction. United Plant Savers (UpS) have been busy at work replanting fields and woodland areas so that these valuable pants remain with us. Join Blazing Star Herbal School on an educational trip to the western foothills of the Appalachian Mountains where we will study botany, native plant propagation and organic growing.

Imagine a place where goldenseal, ginseng, partridge berry, bloodroot, blue cohosh, black cohosh, trillium, and wild ginger are abundant . . .

To date over 600 species of plants, over 120 species of trees and over 200 species of fungi have been identified on the 378 acre site of the UpS Botanical Sanctuary including an estimated 10 acres of wild goldenseal, (one of the herbs in greatest danger of extinction). Weíll visit several nurseries in the area including Companion Plants, Land Reformers Greenhouse which includes about 200 species of plants--about 90 percent of which are native to Ohio (35707 Loop Rd, Rutland OH 45775-8900),  and a Chinese herbal nursery. Weíve also been invited to peruse the LLoyd Library's collection of 200,000 books on herbs and botany.

The Lloyd Library is a world class research institution that collects, preserves, and provides  access for scholars and educators to published and archival materials in the areas of botany, pharmacy and complimentary medicines, and horticulture.  Its outreach programs promote and encourage scholarly investigation and education based on its collection and the areas of  knowledge represented in its collection areas.

Rebecca Wood, practicing herbalist, avid herb gardener, and land consultant, owns and operates Hopewood Farm. She also works as a college professor in the Natural Resource field. The farm is a 90 acre herbal education and sustainable living center. It is part of the United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary project, a training site for Frontier Herbs, a part of a vital herbal community.


Girls Camp

Girls Camp with Lorene Wapotich & Tony(a) Lemos

Girls (ages 8-10) can come and spend this week exploring magic and mysteries of nature. We will fill our days with environmental arts and craft projects, sharing circles, learning about local plants and how to use them, cooking with wild foods, journal keeping, playing games, making music, and taking hikes. Each day will be full. We encourage every girl to be her unique self.

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