Not offered in 2004 - Please check back for 2005

The following Workshops were offered in 2003

Moonlodges with Emily Millspaugh

Women of all ages gather to celebrate the cycles of the moon which are the cycles of our wombs. We honor women as manifestations of the Earthmother, and share our wisdom in song, dance and in talking stick circle. We will meet on the dark moon. Moonlodges are FREE

Thursday March 6, 7pm
Thursday April 3, 7pm
Thursday May 1, 7pm
Thursday June 5, 7pm
Thursday July 31, 7pm
Thursday August 28, 7pm
Thursday Sept 25, 7pm
Thursday Oct 30, 7pm

Emily Millspaugh is a Wise Woman herbalist who apprenticed and interned with Susun Weed. Her main focus is on honoring womb cycles of birth death and rebirth. She is a student of Midwifery. Emily brings vibrant energy, and shocking honesty to her classes.


Wheel of Year Celebrations with Elissa Rose

This year we are honored to have Elissa Rose back to lead all our seasonal celebrations
For all our seasonal celebrations we will gather at 6:30 pm, and close with a potluck feast. There is no fee for these gatherings, but a suggested donation of $8-$12 is welcome to help keep our school and community viable.

Spring Equinox, Friday, March 21
Celebrate Spring Equinox in an open house and tea party. Gather with your community to sing, drum and attune yourself to the rising energies of Spring. We will light candles to that which we have chosen to rebirth in ourselves. Please bring a candle and holder. Instruments and festive dress are encouraged.
Beltane Ritual, Friday, May 2
Rejoice in the Sacred Fire of Self-Love and Erotic Pleasure. Honor your earthly sexuality and nourish your creative juices as we sing, dance, meditate, and leap the Beltane fire!
Summer Solstice, Friday, June 20
Celebrate the longest day, the shortest night, with an all night heartbeat drum circle. We'll stay outside (awake or asleep) all night maintaining a heartbeat drum from sunset to sunrise (or longer).Celebration will end after breakfast.
The Spirit of Lammas, Friday, August 1
Lammas is all about the Feast! A festival honoring our food and where it came from. We pay respect to our farmers, relish in the gift of harvest, the bread and the brew. We pray for on-going fertile times and abundance, we revere the fruit and grains by making offerings to the Goddesses/Gods, for the ancients knew that in order to continue to receive the fruits of the Earth, we must be willing to give something back.
Sacred Fall Give-away, Autumn Equinox, Friday, September 19
As we enter the dark time of the year, we will be honoring the cycles of life completing the circle and continuing on the spiral. Let us come together in circle, bringing something that we hold sacred, its story and the willingness to let go and pass it on. In this way we share seeds of community to sprout in the coming months. Bring your drums.
Samhain, Friday, October 31
Samhain, the close of the year and the opening of the portal to the next, when the veil between the worlds is thin the dead may walk and the night is filled with magic and shadows. We will honor the spirits of our ancestors and the turning of the year. Please bring a picture or a token of a departed family member or friend whose life you wish to celebrate on this night that signals the start to the dark side of the year, the entry into dreaming time.

"As a Firekeeper, Peopleweaver, and Sacred Artist,

it is my prayer to recognize, honor,

and celebrate Spirit in our everyday lives."

-Elissa Rose


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